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Student Blogs on “The Vending Machine God”

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:   The Vending Machine God: The Christmas Myth  God wants us to love Him, not things. He wants us to seek Him, not answers to greedy prayers. When you live your life in communion with God, who gave His only Son to die for our sins and loves you beyond… Read more »

Student Blogs on “One Among Many”

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:   One Among Many: The Just-Another-Great-Book Myth     The Bible was written on Three continents in three languages on hundreds of controversial subjects. It contains flashes of inspired poetry as well as detailed history, captivating biography, letters, memoirs, and prophetic writings. Yet this astoundingly diverse book speaks… Read more »

The Absurdity of Moral Relativism: A Student’s Perspective

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here]   When I was a full-time high school teacher, one of my favorite assignments was to have my students develop a creative project to illustrate what would follow if moral relativism were true. Students wrote stories, composed songs, made short films, and more. My all-time favorite was a short poem… Read more »

How Do We Help the Next Generation Navigate Culture?

  [Original post by Sean McDowell found here]   As a parent of three kids, I am frequently trying to help them best navigate cultural voices vying for their hearts and minds. This is why I am thrilled about the new book  A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World, by Brett Kunkle and John… Read more »

Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait? Interview with Author Bryan Sands.

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here]   I recently received a book in the mail called Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait? by Bryan Sands. Given that my father launched the “Why Wait” sexual purity movement in the 1980s, when I was in my early teen years, I was curious to see what approach Sands would… Read more »

How Do You Best Prepare Students for College? Interview with Author Jonathan Morrow.

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here.] Jonathan Morrow is one of the top communicators for both students and adults on apologetics and cultural issues. He is adjunct professor of Apologetics at Biola University (with me!) and director of cultural engagement at Impact 360 Institute where he teaches high school and college students. Check out… Read more »

Answers within Reach

Dear Josh: I wanted to write and tell you what an amazing impact your book, “More Than a Carpenter” has had on me and my youth ministry. It is a great resource for high school and college youth pastors and youth leaders. I am a youth leader at my local church and lead a small… Read more »