Truth Never Void

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For much of his life, Jallel knew little about Jesus.

In fact, he considered himself an atheist.

But at age 50, that began to change.

In North Africa where he lives, Christ-centered resources like these are rare, restricted and sometimes even illegal.

So it’s no surprise that he had never encountered Jesus.

While traveling, he received a copy of the New Testament and More Than a Carpenter during an outreach event

As Jallel flipped through the New Testament, he thought to himself, “This might be from God.” He then opened up More Than a Carpenter and read it. He’d never seen such a book — clear, simple answers to questions about faith.

And all in his own language!

After Jallel finished reading, he trusted in Jesus. And he wasted no time sharing his new faith.

When his work took him to Mecca a few weeks later, he packed up his Bible and copy of More Than a Carpenter. While there, he pulled out his Bible and began reading. People questioned him about the Scripture, and he was able to tell them about Christ and defend God’s Word. Before returning home, he left his Bible and his copy of More Than a Carpenter behind in his hotel for people to find and read.

Just think of where that book might be now? God wants to use ordinary people like Jallel — and like us — to share His truth with others. And it won’t return void! We never know how the Lord might use a word, book or other simple act to point people to Christ.

Today you can help provide More Than a Carpenter to people around the world who don’t know Jesus — just like Jallel. This little book, translated into the heart language of those receiving it, will be used to share the gospel and make disciples worldwide. Will you help?


Give More Than a Carpenter

Help people worldwide KNOW, SHARE and LIVE the truth of Jesus!

You can help people who are searching for truth learn about Jesus!

YOUR GIFT TODAY will go directly to providing Josh McDowell’s life-changing book, in places where Christian resources are rare, restricted and sometimes even illegal.

$3.35 provides one copy of
More Than a Carpenter

Give now before the September 1 deadline!

We have until September 1 to raise the funds to fulfill thousands of requests for the book from our hardworking ministry partners in North Africa, Central Asia and Europe. There’s an enormous need for gospel-centered resources in these regions, where people yearn to know and understand truth – truth that will bring meaning to their lives!

In North Africa, where Jallel lives, Christ-centered books like More Than a Carpenter are rare, restricted and sometimes even illegal.

So it’s no surprise that at 5O years of age, Jallel had never encountered Jesus. As a matter of fact, he knew very little about Jesus and considered himself an atheist.

Until he read More Than a Carpenter.

He’d never seen such a book – clear, simple answers to questions he’d had his whole life. And all in his own language!

After Jallel finished reading More Than a Carpenter, he put his trust in Jesus Christ!

So please GIVE NOW to provide More Than a Carpenter, so that others will know the truth: that Jesus was more than a carpenter and really does transform lives!

Please give today!


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