Sex is everywhere.

And misunderstandings about it are even more pervasive. Whether you have questions of your own and don’t know who to ask, or you are being asked questions and don’t know where to turn, these Bare Facts practical tools have the answers for anyone who is struggling, anyone who is curious, anyone who is nervous about asking a “dumb question,” and most importantly, anyone who desires to learn how to honor God with his or her body.

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The Bare Facts: The Truth about Sex, Love & Relationships delivers frank and intimate answers to top questions students ask about sex, love and relationships. Josh believes that no question is off limits and that knowledge, not ignorance, is the key to youthful purity and a fulfilling marriage and family.

This indispensible three-disc DVD library and companion book builds on that approach with timeless teaching, relevant statistics, entertaining anecdotes, and enlightening interviews with youth and medical experts such as Dr. Freda BushDr. Elaine EngChristine Currie,Sean McDowellPam Stenzel, and Lakita Garth-Wright.

Teaching Samples

Is That Sex?
Is Purity Possible?
How Do I know?

Video Samples

Is That Sex?
Is Purity Possible?
How Do I Know?


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LaVerdad Desnuda (Spanish)
PowerPoint Part 1Part 2
Research NotesResearch
Song of Solomon
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What people are saying about The Bare Facts

“I love the way Josh McDowell uses science to reinforce the truth of Scripture. His presentation is compelling, deeply theological, and packed with content that captures the attention of students. Students, youth leaders, and parents can all benefit from this DVD [and book].”
–Melissa Brosch, HS Director, Calvary Church of Santa Ana

“I was blown away by the information. I learned things about sex, STDs, etc. that I had never known. This information must get out to the young people in our town, our state and the nation. Thank you for speaking so frankly. I am so glad to have these fact-based reasons to remain pure.”
-Sarita Edgerton, Youth Leader, First Baptist of Hendersonville

“Finally answered questions! This book really answered so many questions from a biblical perspective that I would probably never find elsewhere!”
Lauren, 14, Dallas

“All in all, Josh McDowell has hit it out of the park with this simple, extremely useful handbook…”
Steve Orel,

“I love the fact that Josh McDowell continues to lean into the issue of the over-sexualization of our student culture. Bare Facts is another fabulous tool for parents and leaders to use in the battle for moral purity.”
Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Community Church

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