Sex is Everywhere

Based on 50 years of interacting with young people, Josh McDowell believes nothing is sabotaging the spiritual growth of college, high school and even middle school young people more than sexual experimentation. It’s imperative our kids have a positive, biblical worldview about God’s design for sex.

The Bare Facts: The Truth about Sex, Love & Relationships  delivers frank and entertaining answers to top questions students ask about love, sex, and relationships. No question is off limits. Knowledge, not ignorance, is the key to youthful purity and a fulfilling marriage.

This indispensable three-disc library and companion book builds on that approach with timeless teaching, relevant statistics, entertaining anecdotes and enlightening interviews with youth and medical experts such as Dr. Freda BushDr. Elaine EngChristine CurrieSean McDowellPam Stenzel, and Lakita Garth-Wright.