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Even disciples have moments of doubt (John 20:24-28), and there’s nothing wrong with having questions. Here you’ll find answers and encouragement—whether the questions you’re looking to answer are your own or a friend’s. That way, “if someone asks about your hope as a believer,” you can “always be ready to explain it.” (1 Peter 3:15)

Do the Gospels Reliably Portray Jesus?

gospels portray Jesus

Can We Trust These Ancient Storytellers? Christians view the Bible as the true and inspired word of God, which it is. In the four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—we learn details of the incredible ministry of Jesus. Not intended to be strict biographies, these detail-rich texts are interpretations by four individual authors, which they penned for specific audiences,… Read more »

Were Jesus’ Apostles Martyrs? Does it Matter?


What does historical evidence say? The willingness of the apostles to suffer and die as martyrs for their faith is one of the  most commonly cited arguments for the resurrection. Why, after all, would any person willingly choose to submit to a painful death for confession of the Christian faith? Yet some scholars assert there… Read more »

Christ, the Miracle Worker: Do His Miracles Matter?

Jesus Miracles Matter

Indeed. The miracles of Jesus Christ are an essential part of His story and an essential part of the Christian faith. Everyone in the ancient world at all familiar with Jesus regarded Him to be a miracle worker. Even His critics, including the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders, conceded His miracles — even as they… Read more »

Was Jesus Really Without Sin?

Jesus Without Sin

It’s a critically important question. If the holy, morally perfect God were to become incarnate as a human being, one would reasonably expect that He would live a good and righteous life. We have solid reasons to think that Jesus Christ did fit this description. Let’s look at biblical references, both by Jesus and about… Read more »

Was Jesus Really Birthed by a Virgin?

The Virgin Birth: Plausible, if God Exists The Apostles’ Creed, an early creed of the Christian faith, affirms that Jesus Christ “was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary.” If this belief is true, it means that Jesus’ entrance into human history isn’t just a tad different, but completely unique. We can’t,… Read more »

Critical Tactic: Surfacing the Question Beneath the Question

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here.] One difficult lesson I have learned in apologetics and evangelism is to identify the question beneath the question. To be honest, I have spent considerable time answering questions I thought people were asking, but because I was operating under false assumptions, I missed the heart of their query…. Read more »

Is Christianity Unique, or a Copycat Religion?

Christianity Copycat Religion?

Christianity: Unique Among All Religions. Mythicists confidently assert, “Christianity is nothing more than a patchwork quilt of ancient pagan and mystery religions.” Bottom line: They believe that the early Church borrowed heavily from pagan deities already in existence at the time of Jesus. To make their case, they cite extensive lists of apparent similarities between Christianity and… Read more »

Is Jesus’ Resurrection Fact? History Weighs in!

jesus resurrection fact

You, ultimately, get to decide if the resurrection is fact or fiction. Choose wisely. In this year-long blog series based on Josh and Sean McDowell’s extensively updated classic, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, we’re focused on proving to you that the Christian faith is rooted not in fairy tale, but on historical fact that confirms that… Read more »