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Even disciples have moments of doubt (John 20:24-28), and there’s nothing wrong with having questions. Here you’ll find answers and encouragement—whether the questions you’re looking to answer are your own or a friend’s. That way, “if someone asks about your hope as a believer,” you can “always be ready to explain it.” (1 Peter 3:15)

Resurrection of Jesus: Pre-Resurrection Facts

The resurrection of Jesus is critical to the Christian faith; without it, we don’t have much of a foundation for believing that Jesus was and is God. #lightinthedarkness Yet the resurrection is one of the hot topics of Christianity. Skeptics argue it’s not provable. But is that true? Let’s look at some important pre-resurrection facts… Read more »

Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or Truth?

Resurrection of Jesus

Why the Resurrection Matters. Christians believe the resurrection is true, and that historical accounts of it have provided adequate evidence to certify it as a real event. Why is the resurrection so important? Because without it, our faith has no basis. The apostle Paul suspends the weight of Christianity on this single thread: If Jesus… Read more »

Did Jesus Fulfill Old Testament Prophesy?

Prophesy Fulfilled by Jesus

Only One Person Has Fulfilled All Old Testament Messianic Prophesy. Jesus! One reason the Bible’s Old Testament is so important to Christians is that it contains prophesy — over 300 predictions, in fact — that, like the threads of a tapestry, establish the Messianic credentials of Jesus. Put another way, the Old Testament is like… Read more »

An Investigation: The Lofty Claims of Jesus

Jesus claimed

Was Jesus Just a Man, or God? No doubt about it, Jesus of Nazareth has been the dominant figure in the history of the western culture for almost twenty centuries. Talk about staying power! Equally constant: the debate about who He is. Almost everyone who has heard of Jesus has developed an opinion about Him…. Read more »

Does Historical Evidence Prove that Jesus Lived?

evidence Jesus lived

Evidence does, indeed, show that Jesus lived. The question is, will you believe it? At this point we’re not even addressing the question of whether Jesus was God in human form. There’s no point in doing so, if we don’t first show, through historical record, that Jesus did, in fact, live and have a ministry… Read more »

The Work of Textual Criticism

For those of you who have engaged with Christian apologetics, you probably understand that a common objection to the Bible is that it has been changed or corrupted over time. Our response is to point out the number of manuscripts we have of the Bible, the early date of many of the manuscripts, and give… Read more »

Spiritual but not Religious?

The spiritual landscape of America is changing. New Age Spirituality, also known as the “Spiritual but not Religious” movement (SBNR), has grown tremendously in North America. Whereas a lot of Christians have focused heavily on rationalized, modernistic approaches to evangelism, there is a new voice emerging which is simply asking “Why?” Why all this doctrine… Read more »