Is the Bible Reliable?


We can trust the details of the New Testament to be accurate because non-Christian authors have confirmed biblical content such as people, personalities, and events as true.


Non-Christian Authors Confirming New Testament’s Reliability
New Testament Details Confirming Reliability
22 Historical References in Two Chapters in Luke
Acts’ Details Error Free
Internal Evidence Test
Innocent until Proven Unreliable
Abundance/Lack of Manuscripts

Old Testament: Never Altering Scripture
Old Testament: Protecting God’s Revelation
Old Testament: God’s Revelation Accurate
Old Testament: Scribes’ Commitment
Old Testament: Committed to Detail
Old Testament: Kenyon’s Observation
Old Testament: Dead Sea Scrolls
Old Testament: Dead Sea Scroll Finding
Old Testament: Significance of Dead Sea Scrolls
Old Testament: Dead Sea Scrolls’ Contribution

Robert Dick Wilson
Robert Dick Wilson: Accuracy of Kings’ Names
Comparison of Other Ancient Literature
Understanding the Issues
Pentateuch Criticism Intro
Pentateuch Criticism
Moses and the Pentateuch

The Kingdom of Ebla
3 Criticisms Ebla Answers – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
“Give me one piece of evidence!”
Saul of Tarsus
Apostle Paul’s Background
What happened to Saul of Tarsus?
Traditions Verify

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