Right from Wrong

Josh’s message Right From Wrong will enable you to lead students to discover how to make right moral choices based upon God and His Word as their absolute standard for right and wrong. Josh will help students and adults discover what standards of behavior are right for all people, for all times, for all places.

This message will play a vital role in strengthening the moral foundations of our young people and providing them with clear direction on how to always make right moral choices.

Distinguishing between Right from Wrong
But my parents taught me!
But my church taught me!
Consequences: It Hurts People Part 1
Consequences: It Hurts People Part 2
Can’t See beyond the End of Their Nose
Because of How I Feel!
Because the Bible Says So!
The Foundation of Right and Wrong
Fall in Love with God, Not the Bible
Why is hatred or lying wrong?
Defining Truth
What is the original when defining truth?
I Am the Truth
Relating to the Original
Conclusion: 4 Step Process, How to Make Moral Choices


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Did you know that Josh has a book by this title, Right From Wrong?