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Journeys – Track 3 Evidence

…answer. True or False THE BIBLE HAS MORE MANUSCRIPTS THAT CONFIRM ITS RELIABILITY THAN ANY OTHER ANCIENT WRITING IN HISTORY. TRUE While manuscript quantity is not everything, the approximate count…

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…against Christianity or the Bible–or has wondered for themselves if the Bible’s depiction of Jesus is true and not just a made-up fairytale. Armed with the book and video study,…

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Featured Talks

…– did Jesus claim to be God? And is there evidence that he is God? The Bible: Fact, Fiction, or Fable Does the Bible we have today really contain what…

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Peace Amid the Noise

…can always turn to for clear direction: the Bible. Peace Amid the Noise The Bible is the Word of God, given to humanity so that we might know God’s character,…

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Suiting Up In God’s Armor

Bible’s truth to gain clarity. Reading about Jesus’ teachings to his disciples really helps me to know what is true. Breastplate of Righteousness Righteousness is about applying God’s truth to…

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