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Deity of Christ: True or False?

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our fifth post in our new year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In this post we’ll dive a bit further into whether Jesus claimed to be God. We look around at our majestic world and we ask, “Did this all really just occur through fortunate happenstance?” Or… Read more »

Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our second post in our new year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” Our aim in this post is to dive further into whether we can trust the Bible. The contents of the Bible were written over a period of over 1500 years, by 40+ authors from every… Read more »

5 Reasons Christians Must Read the Bible

The Bible is your daily life playbook, not an outdated relic to be kept on a shelf. According to LifeWay Research, more than half of Americans have read little to none of the Bible. About 30 percent look up things in the Bible only when they need to. And less than a quarter have any… Read more »

Do Alleged Contradictions Skew Bible Truth?

Bible scholars have a proven track record of resolving contradictions to harmonize the Bible. In this blog post we explore the claim by skeptics that the Bible contradicts itself. Are there differences among parts of the Bible? Yes. But are they contradictions? No. And we assert this because of two reasons: 1) The Bible is the… Read more »

Was the Bible Exodus a Real Event?

Did the Israelites Flee Egypt for the Promised Land? In our last blog post we looked at whether there is definitive proof that Adam and Eve existed as real people. In this blog post we’ll look at what proof exists for the mass Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. No doubt about it, the Exodus… Read more »

Did the Bible’s Adam Really Exist?

Does Adam’s historicity matter? The overarching theme running through all 66 books of the Bible is the story of God’s creative work, of humanity’s rebellion against God, and of God’s work to redeem fallen humanity. The straightforward way of reading the Bible is that Adam was a historical person. It also seems clear that Scripture… Read more »

Are the Bible and Science at Odds?

Can Science and the Genesis Creation Story Co-Exist? Genesis 1 — the creation story — inspires some of the most heated, sensitive, and yet important controversies within the Church today. How we personally view Genesis 1 does impact how we, individually, view the rest of Scripture, science, and the nature of the gospel itself. Many young… Read more »

7 Fascinating Facts that Make the Bible Unique

The Bible is a unique book. There is no other book that even stands in its category. (Original post by Sean McDowell at Below are seven factors that show how the Bible stands apart from all other books in history. We list many more facts in the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict. 1. Unique in… Read more »

Why the Lost Gospels Don’t Belong in the Bible

Scripture must meet exacting criteria to be included in the Bible. The “lost gospels” don’t make the cut. One argument used by critics to try to discredit God’s Word is by asserting that the Bible was developed via a power struggle. Namely, that what’s included in the Bible — and conversely what was excluded —… Read more »