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Stand with Josh in these final days of 2018 and have DOUBLE the impact

When your own life has been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, you can’t help but want others to experience it too.

But in many countries, the Christian resources that help believers grow in and share their faith are extremely difficult to come by.

That’s why one of Josh’s priorities is equipping our hardworking field staff to reach those who are lost, searching and hurting. He wants to provide them with trustworthy books, DVDs and other resources to help them meet Jesus, learn more about Him and grow in their faith.

Right now, our field staff in countries around the world are in desperate need of more than 1.8 million Christ-centered resources for evangelism and discipleship.

That’s why we hope you’ll give generously now.

Make your year-end gift now and share truth

Your heart for ministry and compassion for those who do not yet know Jesus is essential to this ministry. We cannot do this work without you.

That’s why your financial support is so vital.

With your year-end gift now — DOUBLED in impact by the special Year-End Challenge Grant — you’ll share truth. You’ll bring hope. And you’ll expand God’s kingdom with new believers for all eternity!

Thank you for giving during this traditional season of generosity.


When you give now, you’ll share truth with those who seek to know Jesus and be discipled in Him.