Share the Gospel Online

Share the Gospel Online

Reach Generations Around the Globe with the Truth

Over 3 billion people utilize the Internet each year on every continent of the globe — including the world’s most remote places.

That means that online initiatives provide the perfect platform to meets the spiritual needs of people globally by reaching into any geographic or political region in the world — going where missionaries can’t go — and sharing truth with those who may otherwise seem inaccessible. Such opportunities allow us to win, build, send and multiply disciples using technology.

In countries where printed Christian books and CDs/DVDs are dangerous to distribute, specialized foreign language websites are being created, offering free, downloadable resources that can be easily distributed, translated and published in the local heart language.

Collaborating with mission organizations and Christian leaders in the United States and around the world allows us to advance the kingdom by sharing free downloadable books, sermons, small group studies, pre-formatted presentation aides and extensive research that leaders can use for ministry. The ministry also places relevant, graphically-engaging messages on platforms like YouTube, iTunes, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and mobile apps that reach young people in their own sphere.

Your gift today will help share the gospel, explain the message of Jesus and equip people to live out their faith through online platforms around the globe. Please give a generous gift today!

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Share the Gospel Online

Megan’s Story

“I would just like to thank you for posting videos of Mr. McDowell on YouTube. My 7-year-old son, Conan, loves to hear the Bible and asks wonderful questions. Recently he asked how we can know that the copy of Mathew we read is what Mathew wrote down. It was wonderful to be able to find a video on YouTube of all places that quickly and clearly explained an answer he could understand. Thank you for your generosity and service in sharing such valuable knowledge!”