Accelerating the Gospel in East Asia

square_image_no_textToday 9 out of 10 people in East Asia have never heard the gospel — but that is rapidly changing. Millions are coming to Christ each year.  Here are just a couple of notes we’ve received from students:

Diana’s story:

I am a seminary student who dedicate myself as a future pastor. My plan is: after graduate from seminary, I’d like to accept some discipleship trainings. I was told that you will provide some of your books to [East Asia] so more people can gain the spirit of Kingdom.

However, those books are very difficult to be found in [our country], and they are very expensive to a seminary student. I’d like to ask if you can provide some of your books, not only for myself, but will help my future ministry in church after my graduation. I think this is a very good opportunity which helps me spread the seed of Gospel to [Asia’s] soil. Thank you for your help.


Bian’s story:

Many do not realize that upon graduation, we no longer have access to the seminary library. And on the meager income I will make as a pastor, if any at all, I will not have the money to buy resources. Neither my hometown nor my home church has a library, so without these books, I would have nothing.

Your brother,

Future pastors face unprecedented opportunities and challenges as they prepare to reach the world’s largest mission field. Upon graduation most seminary students return home to serve in churches of 1,000 to 10,000 people. They long for the biblical resources you help provide in order to teach the truth, defend their faith and disciple others.
This year we have the opportunity to equip 3,059 graduating students at 23 state seminaries with a personal Seminary Student Library (containing eight of Josh’s books). Together we can help these future pastors reach the world’s largest mission field with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Donate to East Asia Seminaries Project

Christian books and resources for seminary students in East Asia

Each 8-book student library costs just $54.50!

The church in East Asia has experienced unprecedented growth in the past 30 years. While this is exciting news, there is a shortage of Christian resources to properly teach and train pastors.
We have the opportunity to equip thousands of seminary student graduates in East Asia with sound biblical knowledge as they embark on a life of ministry.

Upon graduation, most students will no longer have access to seminary library resources. For many, the Bible is all they’ll have. And on the meager income they’ll make as a pastor, if any at all, they will not likely be able to buy additional resources.

Every $54.50 you give provides an 8-book library set for a graduating seminary student in East Asia this spring!
Your gift today will equip seminary students in East Asia — the country’s future leaders — with trustworthy Christian resources like . . .

  • More Than a Carpenter
  • Answers to Tough Questions
  • The Father Connection
  • Why True Love Waits
  • and more

And your gift will reach far beyond just one pastor-in-training. The churches — where these young pastors will soon be sent to serve — range in size from 1,000 to 10,000!
Imagine how your gift will be multiplied!

Please give a gift today.


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