With over 30 million copies distributed in more than 120 languages, God has used More Than a Carpenter to change countless lives. Because we want to enable you and your church to help others experience a breakthrough moment in their spiritual journey, these books are bundled and discounted to make them even more affordable.

120 Book Bundle

*Our Best Offer!* Includes the new 12 Crucial Truths of the Christian Faith book.

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30 Pack Bundle

Pass them out to your youth group or adult Sunday School class for study and discussion.

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6 Pack Bundle

Use a 6-pack to reach out to six friends or family members. Includes the My Journey booklet.

$22.97 $ 17 23 $2.87 per book
Save 25%

Individual Copy

Read this modern classic and discover why Jesus was more than a carpenter.

$6.99 $ 5 24 Single Book
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How God Uses More Than a Carpenter

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Thousands of people around the world have come to Christ through Josh McDowell’s classic book, More Than a Carpenter.

With over 30 million books printed globally in more than 120 languages, More Than a Carpenter is a proven evangelistic tool! It provides evidences of who Jesus claimed to be in an easy-to-read format that will help draw people of all ages to the risen Savior.

One Book, Four Changed Lives (and counting)