Inspiration: Creatively Connect During Isolation

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God is Always Accessible to Us

In times of uncertainty and isolation, like right now during COVID-19, we can begin to feel disconnected from the Lord. As we physically distance ourselves from others, it is easy to feel a disconnection in our spiritual life, as well. So how do we reconnect? How do we draw near to God while our churches and Bible study groups aren’t meeting?

Many of us have relied on a pastor, small group, or a spiritually deep friend to bring us and keep us close to the Lord. Yet through His word and Spirit, God has given us all we need to be close to Him. We must learn to maintain and grow our spiritual depth on our own. 

The first attribute of God we see in Scripture is His creativity. In the beginning He created. So we know that in times of uncertainty, we can creatively connect to the One who made us in His image. Perhaps we do so by taking time to connect with nature. Or by writing, cooking a meal, or listening to worship music while we puzzle.

Let’s think creatively and engage with God’s presence in ways that help us to deeply connect with Him. We’re all unique individuals, right? So let’s take pleasure and joy in discovering personal ways of growing our relationship with Him during this isolation period. God will meet us there!

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