Share the gospel worldwide

through technology


$112,000 urgently needed by October 15

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ministries are shifting to digital strategies to spread the gospel and disciple believers.

Your gift today will help provide cutting-edge digital tools including:

  • SD cards — Loaded with Christ-centered resources, they’re easily and discreetly inserted into cell phones, tablets and laptops.
  • USB flash drives — Just one drive can hold more than a dozen e-books and audiobooks, video resources like Undaunted and even a Bible translated into the language of those receiving it.
  • Mobile hotspots — When people connect to our free Wi-Fi, the secure, private connection allows them to access dozens of Christ-centered books, DVDs, worship music and more.
  • Augmented reality (AR) — Similar to virtual reality, this interactive experience is a real-world environment enhanced by sound, motion and even smell.

$112,000 urgently needed by October 15 to fulfill the most urgent requests from our ministry partners worldwide.


Give digital resources today to help introduce Jesus in a safe and highly effective way.

Digital resources are highly effective because they are:

Less expensive than printed materials.

Easily concealed, which makes them ideal for countries hostile to the gospel.

More far-reaching, since one digital resource can be downloaded hundreds of times, reaching thousands upon thousands of people.


Evangelism in the digital age

Through e-books, videos, websites, social media, chat rooms, radio and more…

“The digital resources you provide encourage us to be bold in explaining the gospel without fear of being attacked, so that every lost sheep is reached.”

~ a ministry partner in the Middle East


The demand for DIGITAL RESOURCES has never been greater

Because of global lockdowns and physical distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are online than ever before! The need for digital resources has never been greater.

Please give today to:

  • Provide digital tools (SD cards, USB flash drives and mobile hotspots).

  • Share the truth about Jesus in local languages.

  • Disciple believers in culturally relevant ways.


$112,000 needed by October 15