Digital Strategies

Share the Gospel Through Technology

The Impact of the Digital Era

The message of Jesus never changes. What was true yesterday, is still true today and will still be true tomorrow.

But as our world and the technology that connects us changes, so must the ways we reach out to people with the good news.

TECHNOLOGY is the language of the day.

Whether you’re a young person in East Asia, or a seeker living in a rural village in Africa, or a dissatisfied follower of a predominant religion of the Middle East . . . the digital world has opened up a whole new way of spreading the gospel.

Cutting-edge ways to unleash the gospel worldwide

USB Flash Drives
Just one drive can hold up to 14 e-books and audiobooks, video resources like Undaunted, and even a Bible translated into the language of those receiving it.

SD Cards
Loaded with Christian resources, they’re easily and discreetly inserted into cell phones, tablets or computers.

Mobile Hotspots
When people connect to our free Wi-Fi, the secure, private connection allows them to access dozens of Christ-centered books, DVDs, worship music and more.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Similar to virtual reality, this interactive experience is a real-world environment enhanced by sound and motion.  AR is being used to bring videos that tell the story of Jesus and explain the gospel message.

A highly effective strategy

Digital resources are highly effective because they are:

Easily concealed, which makes them ideal for countries where sharing the gospel can be dangerous.

More far-reaching, since one digital resource can be downloaded hundreds of times, reaching thousands upon thousands of people.

Less expensive than printed materials.