Give to Future Pastors – East Asia

URGENT UPDATE: The government in one East Asia country has banned the sale of Bibles online. They have also released a new policy focused on reinterpreting and retranslating the Bible so it conforms to a “cultural Christianity.” Help us give Christ-centered resources to believers while the door is still open!

Stand with Josh now to equip seminary graduates to share Jesus!


In one of the East Asia provinces where Josh McDowell Ministry works, only 380 ordained pastors serve 2.5 million Christians. Another 100,000 new believers are joining churches each year.

It’s wonderful that the church is growing dramatically. But all of this growth means some pastors must look after up to 300 congregations and groups. Many work seven days a week with no time off.

Even worse, there’s a shortage of Christian resources. Since most of these pastors make only the equivalent of $350 to $500 a month — less than half of the average wage — it’s difficult for them to buy the tools they need to do ministry well.

In East Asia, pastors are few — but biblical resources are even fewer!

New pastors need Christ-centered resources

For more than 30 years, Josh McDowell Ministry has worked with Christian leaders in East Asia to provide biblical resources for students and pastors. For the past six years, the ministry has been providing eight-book libraries of Josh’s books to students graduating from state seminaries and training centers.

With your generosity today, many more young Christian leaders will be equipped with the tools they need to study God’s Word, defend their faith and disciple others.

Right now, we need to raise $154,000 to provide graduates in East Asia with their own personal library of Christ-centered books — including titles like More Than a Carpenter!

Every $7.33 you give now will provide one book.

Won’t you give generously now to provide as many books as you can?

Your gift will provide church leaders like Rev. Zheng with a foundation of truth to share

One of the first students to receive a set of Josh’s books in 2012 was Rev. Zheng (we’ve changed his name for security reasons). Josh recently had the opportunity to reconnect with Rev. Zheng, who is now a seminary professor. He gladly joined our team for a ceremony in which 272 graduates each received a personal library of Josh’s books.

The students lit up with gratitude and pride when they were handed their books, many hugging them tightly and expressing deep thanks for such a wonderful gift.

One of the students said, “Thank God that we are here being equipped and ready to go serve the churches. We are here not only to learn theology but to also grow spiritually.”

Join Josh to provide desperately needed Christian resources to seminary students and church leaders

Here’s your chance to help seminary graduates in East Asia prepare to reach out to those who don’t yet know Christ, giving them the solid foundation they’ll need to share Jesus in an environment that is increasingly hostile to our faith. The government is cracking down in many regions. We’re not sure how long we’ll be able to provide these kinds of Christian resources.

When you give now, the impact of your gift will be multiplied dramatically, as the books you provide will influence many, many more people than just the students you give them to.

Your gift of these specially chosen books will equip pastors — and those they reach — to know what they believe, why it’s true and how to live it out every day.


A special word to you from Josh

Thinking back to when I was a seminary grad, I can remember how valuable trustworthy apologetic and ministerial resources were to me. They helped me stay on track theologically. They kept me focused on truth and helped formulate my thoughts.

That’s why I’m hoping you’ll stand with me now to help as many graduates and church leaders as we can.

What’s more, we don’t know how long the door will be open to this partnership. The sooner we get these resources into their hands, the better.

So please give now. Thank you!

Until the whole world hears,