Inspiration: See Yourself as LOVED by God

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God Says YOU’RE Fully Loved. Trust Him

Some of us are listening to the wrong voice.

Instead of believing what God says about usthat we are FULLY and UNCONDITIONALLY loved, understood, wanted, and forgiven — we wallow in the junk that Satan whispers into our ears.

We decide to agree with him that we’re not worthy of God’s amazing love and grace.

Frankly, it gets old that our broken, human natures so easily default to the negative. But we MUST stop rejecting God’s view of ourselves. When we struggle with accepting God’s grace, we limit our peace and joy — and also limit the positive impact we’re meant to have on our hurting world.   

Satan LOVES it when we default to setting up roadblocks that keep us from stepping into the freedom of God’s acceptance. Satan LOVES it we work tireless to try to earn the worth that God says we ALREADY have.

Friend, do you really want Satan to have this power over you? Of course not! 

So wipe the smirk off that liar’s face by making this declaration (shout it, if you can; but definitely whisper it, if that’s all the belief you can muster right now):

“I will never be more LOVED by God than I am right now. No high, no low, no thought, no action, no sin, can EVER separate me from God’s UNCONDITIONAL love and acceptance. He is that awesome, kind, generous, and good. God is FOR ME! My perfection isn’t the goal, but my growth in reflecting Jesus.”

>>>> You may have to write this truth on an index card to declare it 500 times before you fully accept and believe it. And that’s okay. We all have to choose to enter the battle to kill off our doubts and demons. But oh, the freedom that awaits!
The joy of the Lord is our strength, friends. Let’s chase after it. And let’s encourage others struggling to grab ahold of it, too.

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