What turns skeptics into believers? Josh McDowell shares some facts!

Are you passionate about apologetics? Come serve with our team as Josh shares how to live, defend & share the Christian faith.

Available Internships

Location: Plano, TX


We are looking for an intern interested in designing curriculum for a wide variety of international audiences. Be prepared to work well within a creative team and have the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. With this position you will get a wide range of cross-cultural experiences.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Recommending necessary updates and edits in curriculum, instruction, or program organization
  • Suggesting ideas for new programs, activities and curriculum topics
  • Assisting in the development of new educational delivery tools (publication, web, media, etc..)
  • Integrating cultural themes, language, images, and other materials into educational programs and documents

Location: Plano, TX


If you enjoy helping colleagues with technology, feel called to a fast-paced ministry and have a background in information technology, you will enjoy serving with us in this position. Just be prepared to buckle your seatbelt and enjoy working with the latest technologies available!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide help desk support and life cycle replacement for Mac, PC and mobile users
  • Install software, repair hardware, test programs
  • Research and test new technologies to take resources to the field

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the internship program?

Interns serve for 12 months. An intern may choose to serve a second year but cannot serve for more than 24 months. At this point, an individual would need to choose between joining Cru in another capacity (such as Full-time staff, Part-time, Volunteer) or other opportunities.

When does the internship start and end?

We are continually looking for interns.  The internship is for one year.

How much support will I have to raise?

Living expenses vary by each persons particular needs.

Will I get any training in how to raise my support?

Our interns attend a required Intern Kick-off Weekend conference that orients them to the process of raising support. After attending the conference, you have the tools needed to begin raising your support and have the next 3-4 months to raise it.

How do I apply?

All applications are submitted online at https://apply.cru.org. When prompted to designate preferred ministry, select “Other Ministry” then select “Josh McDowell Ministry”.

When is the deadline to apply for an internship that will start next September?

March 1 is the deadline for receiving your completed application, including completed references.

What are the qualifications for serving as a Cru Staff?

We have a list of qualifications for potential Cru staff that include God’s leading, a walk with God, spiritual maturity, moral conduct, character, emotional maturity, effectiveness of witness and others. Learn more at: https://www.cru.org/opportunities/careers/supported-staff/qualifications/

My parents have a lot of questions; do you have any resources for them?

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