URGENT NEED = $275,555 by August 31!

Requests for Christ-centered books are pouring in from the Middle East. To fulfill these requests (nearly 40,000 books) we need your help to raise $275,555 by August 31.

Bring HOPE to families in the Middle East

$55 provides 8 Christ-centered books.


With all that’s going on in the Middle East, people are seeking alternatives to the
violence around them. They’re opening their minds — and hearts — like never before! What a window of opportunity we have!

Today, through your generous gift of Christ-centered books, you can give HOPE to some really broken families in the Middle East. You can bring LIGHT to a very dark part of the world. But most important — you can help bring about GENERATIONAL CHANGE that will impact families for years to come!

Every $55 you send today will provide 8 Christ-centered books including titles like:

  • God-Breathed
  • The Beauty of Intolerance
  • How to Be a Hero to Your Kids
  • 10 Commitments for Dads
  • 10 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Give today and you’ll help reach into this difficult-to-reach region of the world with the truth of the gospel.

$275,555 needed by August 31 to fulfill requests pouring in from the Middle East — three countries in particular (countries we can’t mention here because it would put Christians at risk). Please send a generous gift today!

Each $55 you give today will provide 8 truth-filled, Christ-centered books for men, women and families in the Middle East.


Growing up in the Middle East, Omar’s childhood was filled with hostility and violence. And like many men who grew up with poor role models, he would have likely repeated the cycle — passing on a violent and abusive lifestyle and a hopeless faith to the next generation.

But thanks to you and other generous friends who have helped provide Christ-centered books for people in the Middle East…

Omar discovered a new role model: Jesus Christ!

Today, Omar has a family of his own. Your gifts of Christ-centered books, have helped him and others to discover the true character of God — that He is actually a loving and grace-filled Father!

But more important, your gifts are helping break a generational cycle of violence and hopeless faith for families like Omar’s — and offering a HOPE and a FUTURE that can only be found in Jesus.

Please give generously. In order to fulfill requests for approximately 40,000 books, we need to raise $275,555 by August 31!


Each $55 you give will provide 8 Christ-centered books to help families in the Middle East discover Jesus.