More Than a Carpenter

Share JESUS with the world
through More Than a Carpenter

$96,200 urgently needed by July 10 In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Our world is struggling under a cloud of fear and uncertainty.
  • Hearts are open to Jesus like never before.
  • Our field partners are using More Than a Carpenter to share the hope of the gospel
$96,200 urgently needed by July 10  to share 20,000 copies of More Than a Carpenter with men, women and young people in countries around the world.

Every $48.10 you give provides 10 people with a copy of More Than a Carpenter

When you give today you’ll provide a copy of this life-changing book to a man, woman or young person in a country hostile to the gospel.

$96,200 needed by July 10.

The book that keeps on giving

Each copy of More Than A Carpenter you provide will impact MULTIPLE lives! As you know, books have a long shelf life, especially in closed countries where books are treasured. And God’s truth never becomes obsolete…

“I came upon a well-used Russian translation left over from the Cold War. Even now, I gaze upon this book with reverence. How many hands before mine touched these 153 pages? – Debe* from Siberia

One of the MOST EFFECTIVE evangelism tools

Our field partners around the world will use copies of More Than a Carpenter you and others provide to:

  • Offer hope in our post-pandemic world
  • Share the truth about Jesus in local languages
  • Disciple believers in culturally relevant ways.
  • Shine the Light of Jesus into their closed countries, to win others for Christ.


$96,200 needed by July 10.