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Bare Facts: Talking About Sex

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our latest post in our year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In this post we dive further into talking about sex with your kids. Specifically, God’s beautiful design for it. “Love and sex — don’t they mean the same thing?” We live in an age of information… Read more »

Can Science Explain Morality?

    Original post by Sean McDowell here. Used with permission.   Human beings have a universal belief in right and wrong. As C.S. Lewis has observed, moral codes from cultures throughout world history vary over what specific behavior they consider moral, but there is an underlying agreement that objective moral values and duties exists. As… Read more »

Is Being Good Enough to Get to Heaven?

    Original post by Sean McDowell here. Used with permission.   Some time ago, I had an in-depth discussion with a college student about the morality of hell. Even though I provided every philosophical and theological justification I could muster, he simply couldn’t accept that a loving and just God would send anyone to… Read more »

Atheists May Not Believe In God, But They Still Live in His World

[Original post by Sean McDowell found here] A few years ago I hosted a student debate at my church. Three of my high school students debated three students from the local freethinking club on the historical Jesus, intelligent design, and morality. The church was packed! One of the freethinking students argued that there is no… Read more »

Premarital Sex: How Should Christian Parents React?

Premarital Sex: Not True Love. Teri looked at her husband, Kenton, her face distraught. Just minutes before, their daughter had dropped the bombshell that she and her college boyfriend were having sex. When her parents had voiced their disapproval, Renee had burst into tears and run from the room. “What are we going to do?” Teri… Read more »

If It Feels Right…

 “I mean, I guess what makes something right is how I feel about it.” The youth of this generation are not especially immoral, certainly no more than the generations that came before, according to David Brooks of the New York Times. But, “what’s disheartening is how bad they are at thinking and talking about moral… Read more »