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Is History Knowable? Implications for Christianity

Is History Knowable

The accuracy of history is critical. Even for Christianity. We can look at this photo and make some subjective judgments. We might deduce that the child is somewhere cold. We might also suggest the child’s age, if not also his or her nationality, healthiness, and socioeconomic status. In effect, we’re self-determining this child’s history. Historians,… Read more »

Objective Truth: Christian Response to Postmodernism

Christian Response to Postmodernism

Conveniently Ignoring Objective Truth. “If you are anything like me,” says noted Christian author and speaker Lisa Bevere, “you want to love the broken people around you.” But so often Christians are told they’re being judgmental and hateful if they don’t accept the false version of love that accepts everything — no matter how destructive… Read more »

Postmodernism: Faulty Truth, False Reality


Postmodernism robs society of objective truth and reason. Are we doomed? One of the most popular phrases today around the globe is “You have your truth, I have my truth, and nobody knows the truth.” If one looks at that statement objectively, however, it is immediately obvious that as a guiding philosophy it’s a major fail…. Read more »