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“Intolerant.” Teens Don’t Want the Label

The ‘Intolerant’ label hurts. But should it? OMG. It’s hard being a teen today, right? You worry about a million things, including what you look like, and how other people view you. “Do they like me?” you ask yourself. “Do they think I’m cool?” If you happen to be a Christian, you probably feel the added weight of that… Read more »

My Parents Judge Me for My Moral Choices!

moral choices

Moral Choices: What is Right and Wrong? “You’ll love him, Mom,” Renee said on her visit home from her second year in college. “He’s so considerate, and smart, and really good looking.” Terri smiled. “That’s great honey. Does he go to church with you?” Renee shook her head. “Tony’s not into church and religious stuff…. Read more »