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Why Apologetics Has a Bad Name

(Original post by Sean McDowell can be found here.) In the updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict, my father and I lay out some of the most recent and compelling historical evidence for the Christian faith. And yet before we present the evidence, we offer some reasons why many Christians dismiss apologetics entirely. The goal of this post… Read more »

“Oh, my God!” Meaningless Expression or Power Words?

Speak God’s name with reverence. One thing missing in society today is a deep, soul-level reverence for God. We hear people utter God’s name, all day long, but they’re not actually talking to Him — or even about Him. “Oh, my God!” and “Jesus!” and “Oh, Lord!” become just meaningless expressions, convenient ways to respond to a funny joke or dumb thing we see… Read more »

Respect and Relationships

Healthy family relationships are based on truth, which is established with trust and respect.  But these values are being redefined and challenged by our culture.