The Resurrection and You


Josh and Sean McDowell have created this 64-page booklet to be a handy ministry tool in answering common questions about the validity of Christ’s resurrection. Readers are presented with compelling facts that underscore the reliability of Scripture. Priced to giveaway!

A Message from Josh and Sean

We are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to share the message and hope of Easter with your friends, family and Easter service visitors. Gift them a copy of our 64-page booklet, The Resurrection and You!

In just four short chapters, our easy-to-understand booklet shares factual, historical evidence that gives certainty Jesus rose from the dead . . . and what that means for us today!

What event transformed Christ’s disciples from defeated, cowering persons in hiding to bold evangelists? The resurrection! Why were they willing to spread the Good News despite being beaten and imprisoned? The resurrection! What gives us peace and strength today in a world that desperately needs Jesus? The resurrection!

This powerful booklet has proven to an effective evangelism tool. So consider buying a pack of 10 or 30 to share the hope of the Resurrection with those you know. Churches may consider purchasing a case of books as a gift to their regular attendees and Easter guests.

As an extra bonus, each pack includes a specific book for you, completely FREE!


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Bonus: FREE My Journey Booklet (Josh’s Testimony)



Individual Books
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“This booklet is a powerful, clear, and concise presentation of the historical facts regarding the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also shared in a way that invites the reader, whatever their background, to consider what this evidence means to their lives. I would feel comfortable sharing this booklet with anyone who is seeking to know the truth about Jesus.”

— Greg Oppenhuis, Senior Pastor, Big Springs Baptist Church, Garland TX