Free to Thrive Video Study Guide

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Overcome your struggles.
Fulfill your deepest longings.
Your whole life awaits you.

Start the conversation on mental health, healing from brokenness, and living in wholeness.

Whether you–or someone you know–is stuck in a pattern of unhealthy behaviors, dealing with anxiety, shame, guilt, or unhealthy relationships, there is a way out. God has more for you.

Our struggles are not random. They are signals that, when answered, can lead us toward a thriving life.

In the NEW Free to Thrive Video Study and companion study guide, best-selling author Josh McDowell and dynamic speaker Ben Bennett encourage you to join in community with others and start your journey of healing. You will discover real solutions for overcoming past hurts, trauma, and unwanted behaviors.

You can lead others into healing and experiencing a thriving life.

By initiating this study in your church or group, you can help others overcome hurts and unhealthy choices and move them toward the thriving life they were made for.

Meant for use in a group setting, each of the eleven sessions present biblical teaching, neuroscientific research, time-tested principles, and encouraging stories of people who faced similar hurts and found healing.

Sessions include:

No matter what you are struggling with, it is possible to experience the spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness God wants you to have.

New! Free to Thrive Video Study


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*Over 25 pages of sermon content to help your congregation become free to thrive

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Praise for Free to Thrive

“Our prayer is God will use this study to give you the tools you need to finally heal, to overcome the things you’ve tried to stop doing – and not just be free, but to be free to thrive.”
–Ben & Josh