Inspiration: Trust God in Your Waiting

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Set Your Mind on God’s Faithfulness

Are you in a season of waiting? Waiting on healing, provision, change in a circumstance, or fulfillment of a promise? In the New Testament, we read of a woman who waited 12 years for healing. When Jesus came to her town, her determination to push her way through the crowd that considered her unclean was incredible. As she touched the fringe of His garment, she received instant healing. Jesus noticed, stopped, and asked who had touched his garment. Not to shame her, but to affirm her!

When the trembling woman owned up to it and fell at His feet, Jesus lovingly responded, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” If you’re uncertain of what’s coming, or weary in your waiting for God to show up, be like this woman. Set your mind on what you know is true about God’s faithfulness!

Perhaps quote a scripture, listen to a worship song, or go for a walk in His creation. Position yourself close to God and reach out, in even the tiniest gesture of faith. He will lovingly respond in His perfect timing. Believe! Trust! Sometimes our waiting is designed to get us to do just that. 

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