Welcome to Bridging the Gap!

Welcome to 2020, friends! We’re glad you’re here! We’re set to launch our weekly blog series for the new year, which we’ve titled Bridging the Gap. We’re talking about the gap between our moving from hurting to wholeness—through the power of Christ’s healing in our lives. The hashtag we’re using all year: #HurtHealedWhole

Welcome to Bridging the Gap blog #hurthealedwhole

For 50+ years, Josh McDowell Ministry has been leading seekers into a deeper knowledge of God’s truth and power. We offer you our accumulated knowledge and research to help you find truth and encouragement to live a healthy and whole life in Christ.

Grappling Big Issues

Bridging the Gap builds on our 2019 blogging series, Journey Together, which grappled with big, foundational questions such as: Can we trust God?, How do we find hope for life?, and How do we overcome shame?. Check out those posts for the answers!

This year, we’ll dive deep into how our personal relationship with Christ gains us clarity, comfort, and confidence in our crazy world. Let’s get real: being a Christian isn’t particularly powerful or satisfying when it’s just a one-hour-on-Sunday ritual. That’s shallow. And shallow, as you may have already discovered, fails us big-time when we really need to believe that we can depend on God.

Because trust is earned, right? It’s only as we develop a close relationship with God that we come to know, through personal experience, that He really is as trustworthy as His Word promises. Without personal experience, Psalm 28:7 are just nice words. But they take on real significance when we learn to “Let go and let God” show up. Once convinced that God always has your back, friends, you’ll not view life the same!

So over the coming months we’ll talk about apologeticshow we can know that God is real and Jesus is Lord—of course, because it’s our primary focus. But as we believe that apologetics follows caring relationship, we’ll also dive into hard topics such as addiction, anxiety, relationships, and discovering our purpose. We want to know you and what’s on your mind, just as we want you to know us. Together let’s seek out the trustworthiness of God. 

We Want to Help You to Live Your Best Life

When we live as God wants us to, we really do see that His guidelines are meant to save us from a whole lot of avoidable hurt and drama. And where there is God, there is healing, so it’s never to late for us to get back on track, when/if we do wander off His path.

So whether you’re fifteen or eighty, a single mom or a seminary student, a committed Christ-follower or trying to figure out what you believe, we know you’ll find nuggets of truth and wisdom here as we bridge the gap together. Why not go ahead and bookmark our blog page, and connect with us on Facebook, so you don’t miss our latest posts?

We’re excited you’re joining us, friends! We’re expecting God to do great things this year. We look forward to your feedback as we go along. Please let us know if particular topics are important to you. We’ll be praying for you — and would be so grateful if you’d pray for us, too!

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