What is the First-Cause Argument for God’s Existence?

universeThe first-cause argument, also known as the cosmological argument, is based on a 3-pronged premise: 1) that everything that exists has a cause; 2) that the universe began to exist; so 3) therefore the universe has a cause. The basis for this argument is that something cannot spring from nothing. So the question becomes, “Who caused the cause?”
We can derive our answer from the origins of time, space, and matter. As each of these did not exist before the beginning of time, then the “cause” of the universe had to be timeless, spaceless, and immaterial. Also, this “cause” could not be physical or subject to natural law, as that would presuppose that its existence involved time, space, and matter. We are left to logically conclude that this timeless, spaceless, immaterial “cause” was God. Atheism as a plausible explanation for the origin of the universe simply doesn’t hold up.
Question: Why do some fight toe and nail for science over God?
Question: Does accepting that an awesome being created every aspect of this world give you peace or the willies?

Content adapted from 77 FAQs about God and the Bible.

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