Why God? New Year, New Habits

When you pause to think about it, our daily lives are just a string of habits.

Some habits are conscious and intentional, others just seem to happen. A perfect example: We jump onto Facebook for “just for a minute” — and realize, with a start, that we’re still scrolling an hour later. Because we weren’t intentional with our time.
The same lack of intentionality can hinder our developing a daily “God habit.”
If we don’t set a firm boundary for meeting with God daily, we’ll fill the time with other activities that matter far less. Like Facebook.

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Build Your God Habits

Brendon Burchard is the author of the book High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way. It’s not a stretch to apply Brendon’s levels of effortfrom “Dabbler” to “High Performer” — to our daily Christian walk.  

Our maturity in Christ is built through habit. Repeated actions that become our norm.

So how do we create habits that move us from dabbler to high performer, so we’re all in for God?
Experts suggest that habits are most easily formed when we start small with an action we can easily repeat, over and over, until they stick.
So you might start or end your day with reading just a single Psalm or chapter in the Bible. Or perhaps pick one of the excellent daily Bible reading plans on the YouVersion app.
If you’re already thinking you can’t commit the time,  ask why you can find the time for Facebook. Research proves that we DO find the time for what we want to do. So lack of time is really tied to our mindset, not our available minutes.

Dr. Henry Cloud, a leading expert on mental and relational health, asserts that our present habits determine our future self. It is our small, daily habits that create the individuals we become 10, 20, 30 years down the road. We’re compounding, just like money in an investment account.

God designed us to adopt high performance habits, including putting in the time to grow ever closer to Him. Any other activity is second-best, even the delightfully distracting Facebook. Hey, here’s a thought: post something daily about God to YOUR Facebook feed!

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