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Austin is a Christian speaker empowered and equipped to impact a struggling and searching generation with the good news of Jesus Christ.

With a passion for apologetics, evangelism, and wholeness, Austin provides a relevant and authentic voice.  After graduating from Liberty University with a degree in Psychology and Counseling, Austin served as Josh McDowell’s personal assistant, traveling to 14 countries and speaking to thousands. A recent graduate of Talbot School of Theology, Austin has spoken around the United States and abroad to various audiences and is a regular contributor to the blog posts.

Speaker Topics:



Disarming Doubts

Austin could have been one of the many who have deconstructed their faith, but he didn’t. Doubts and questions can cripple our confidence and shake our identity. Often thought of as intellectual questions, doubts involve our whole being. In this talk, Austin shares that they are equally emotional, questioning God’s goodness. As we begin to understand our doubts and wrestle well with humility and in community, we discover a God who meets us personally.



The Weight of Disconnection: The Problem of Pornography

It has been said: we are powerless to change the things we are unaware of or do not understand. In this talk, Austin breaks down the problem of pornography to help individuals understand why they do the things they do not want to do. Through scripture, psychology, and brain science we find that our behavior is not random, and God is with us in the pain.


Finding Freedom from Pornography

While vulnerably sharing his story, Austin outlines four essential steps to finding freedom. As we understand our longings and why we medicate our pain, we can begin to reach out and find the connection to God and others we are truly longing for.

Reliability of the Bible


Has the bible been changed?

Can we trust a book written thousands of years ago? Are God’s scriptures outdated and no longer relevant to our lives? Austin answers these questions with tangible biblical artifacts to ground our faith. God has preserved the bible through time and its message matters to us today.

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