The Ultimate Graduation Gift

  • New, fully updated copy of EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT
  • Each copy personally signed by Josh and Sean
  • Attractive gift box
  • Invitation card to ConGRADulations! 2018 free online goodies:
  • Includes graduation-themed playlist from top Christian artists
  • Video greetings and advice from Christian artists and fellow grads
  • Grad-themed devotionals

Graduating students will be faced with challenges.

It’s a given: as soon as your students graduate and leave the “comfort” of home and church, skeptics will begin to doggedly challenge their Christian beliefs. They will be confronted with a myriad of worldviews and beliefs questioning their faith. Will your graduates cave or stand strong?

Keep your student grounded with The Ultimate Grad Gift!*

Together with his son, Sean, Josh McDowell has completely updated this esteemed apologetics classic. This handy resource, proven invaluable to thousands of Christians over the last 45 years, can serve as the go-to reference that keeps your son or daughter strongly grounded in their faith. Too, it will help them to confidently face skeptics only too eager to challenge it.

Features include:

  • Thoroughly revised and updated from the previous edition
  • All-new chapters defending against the latest attacks from Christianity’s critics
  • Designed to be a helpful guide in answering even the toughest of questions
  • Offers thoughtful responses to the Bible’s most difficult and extraordinary passages
  • Expansive defense of Christianity’s core truths, including the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Personally signed by Josh and Sean
Your BONUS gift with every copy purchased: Invitation card that can be presented to graduate that offers FREE access to ConGRADulations, an online playlist of grad-themed music, featuring hot Christian artists, videos, devotions and more!

EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT and ConGRADulations! 2018: the Ultimate Graduation Gift your graduating senior is guaranteed to appreciate and use!

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What Christian leaders are saying…

How God has used Evidence in people’s lives…

In school I wrote papers using Evidence That Demands A Verdict for the documentation to support my biblical viewpoints and beliefs. My teacher, who wasn’t a believer, would return my papers with remarks in the margins such as, “You can’t prove that.” Years later I discovered this teacher had come to Christ, and it was my papers with the supporting documentation from EVIDENCE that was the catalyst!

I had been struggling with my faith, due to seemingly persuasive arguments from skeptics. Thanks to your book, I now have a clear view of the historical evidence for Christianity. Evidence That Demands a Verdict has helped me to realize the truth of God’s Word. Thank you!


I was going through a rough time in my life and decided to see what religion was true. In a bookstore your Evidence book caught my eye. It answered many of my questions. When faced with all the evidence that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and that His resurrection did, in fact, take place, I got down on my knees and repented. I put my faith in Jesus Christ, and my life has not been the same since!

Lee Smith
Crossroads Bible Fellowship, Henderson, NE

I have always been a skeptic. I don’t trust many things on face value and have to do my research. My husband’s co-worker gave me a copy of Evidence That Demands a Verdict. It was exactly what I needed! After reading it, I came to the conclusion that the words in the Bible are true. It was my personal tipping point and led me to give my life to Jesus.

As the lone believer in my platoon, I often get asked, “How can you be sure?” and then challenged to “Prove it!” With the help of Evidence That Demands a Verdict, I can now answer questions that I couldn’t answer before.

Serviceman, 82nd Airborne

The original Evidence That Demands a Verdict was instrumental in solidifying my faith and subsequently enabling my spiritual gift of teaching. For over forty years it has been an important component of every Bible class I’ve developed or taught.

I saw Evidence That Demands a Verdict on a co-worker’s coffee table. The thick book looked boring, with its small font, single-spacing, and no graphics. Nothing about it enticed me to read it except the title. But when I started reading it, I wasn’t able to put it down until I finished the whole book! Each page served as an audible voice from God, answering all my questions about His sovereignty. Now my heart fully embraces God’s Lordship.

Our church in Columbia, South Carolina, serves a Christmas Dinner each year to a group of prison inmates.  Dustin had read your book Evidence That Demands A Verdict which he actually found in the prison library. It helped solidify his faith in a new way. Next week these men will be sent to various prisons around the state of South Carolina to begin new ministries as they continue their own sentences.


My two sons graduated from a Christian school where the Bible teacher purchases Evidence That Demands a Verdict for every junior. He uses it in his curriculum. He wants to make sure his students leave high school knowing what they believe and why they believe it. I’m so thankful my boys developed a firm foundation for when life gets rocky.

Betsy Simpson

Hear from Josh & Sean

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