Did God Create Intelligent Beings Other Than Humans?

Scientists say matter is spread over a space of at least 93 billion light-years across. There are probably more than 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, with countless planets. That blows the mind! And it may cause us to wonder, are we the only intelligent beings God created in this vast universe?

There are many books and studies and reports that claim to have credible evidence substantiating the existence of extraterrestrial beings. And there have been just as many books and reports to refute and counter those claims. Only one thing seems certain—if there were extraterrestrials capable of visiting earth, they haven’t elected to make their presence known widely to the public. Nothing in Scripture reveals that there is intelligent life on other planets. We are told there are demons, angels, seraphim, and cherubim, but there is no reference to other intelligent life.

But if there is life on other planets, it would not seem to contradict Christian beliefs. God is the creator of the universe, and if he created other life — forms and didn’t tell us about it—that’s his prerogative. And just because he doesn’t tell us doesn’t mean there aren’t other intelligent beings out there. We just don’t know.

Question: Are you curious about life on other planets?
Questions: If aliens visited earth today, would you ask them about their knowledge of God?

Content adapted from Josh and Sean McDowell’s book, 77 FAQs about God and the Bible.

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