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  • 1-Reclaiming Easter
    Topics include: Claims of Deity, Trial, Trilemma, Resurrection Claims
  • 2-Reclaiming Easter
    Topics include: Resurrection (testimonies), Science Method, Legal Method, Approach History, The Historian
  • 3-Reclaiming Easter
    Topics include: Bible: Fact, Fiction or Fable?, Bibliographical Test, How many manuscripts?, Internal Evidence Test, Eyewitness Accounts, Appeal to Listeners, External Evidence Test, Biblical Variants, Hostile Eyewitnesses
  • 4-Reclaiming Easter
    Topics include: Eyewitness Accounts, Trial of Jesus, Crucifixion of Christ, Dead Man Speaks, Crucifixion/Medical Explanation (whips, breaking legs, spilling of blood & water, furca, Roman customs, solid rock tomb, reasons for confidential burial, Jewish burial procedures, body preparation)
  • 5-Post-Resurrection Facts
    Topics include: Post-Resurrection Facts (Roman seal broken, security guard, empty tomb, moved stone, Roman guard goes AWOL, grave-clothes tell a tale, Christi’s confirmed appearance)
  • 6-Theories
    Topics include: Principles, Theories: Myth, Wrong Tomb, Unknown Tomb, Legend, Swoon, Hallucination; Theory Weaknesses, Muslim Substitution Theory, Conspiracy Theory, Skeptic’s Opinion, Certainty of Jesus’ Death, Passover-The Plot
  • 7-Evidence For The Resurrection
    Topics include: Direct Evidence vs Circumstantial Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, Prophecy Fulfilled in Christ, Possibility of Just 8 Prophecies fulfilled, Why did Jesus have to die?, Who is God?, Redemption/Propitiation, Why did God create us?, Illustration: Story of the Judge

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By Josh McDowell:

By Rev. Mark Fitter:

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