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Declare His Name Today!

Declare His name sm

It is 37 degrees, but a carafe of hot black coffee, flannel PJs, a snoozing pup on my lap, and a couple of blankets make for a snuggly-sweet chance to see the moon sink behind the mountains. A rare treat, as the morning will not be this dark with a sinking moon at 7am for… Read more »

Three Steps Before We Speak Out

speak out

The advent of social media has given every person a stage and microphone to voice themselves in front of a large audience. This has given us the ability to speak out against racial prejudice and injustice. This is a good thing! The Old Testament prophets repeatedly voiced God’s charge to Israel to care for the… Read more »

Devotional: God Wants Your Prayers

God wants our prayers! Since creating Adam, He has yearned to be in close relationship with us.  Especially during the moments we find hard and scary, God wants us to bring our fears and doubts. Because He cares. He is listening. He is working through all circumstances for the good of those who love Him…. Read more »