Devotional: God Wants Your Prayers

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Friends, God wants our prayers! Since creating Adam, He has yearned to be in close relationship with us. 

Especially during the moments we find hard and scary, God wants us to share our fears and doubts with Him. Because He cares. Because He is listening. Because He is working through all circumstances for the good of those who love Him. Take heart. Send up your prayers!

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God Loves Our Prayers

Why would God desire to hear our prayers? Because we are important to Him. So important that He assumed human form to demonstrate just how far and wide and high and deep is His ceaseless love for us. But God isn’t our magic genie. He’s the Creator of the Universe.

So when we pray, we affirm that He is in control — and we are not. Whew! We can dump the weight of the world off our shoulders, and allow God to show us that He’s at work. Even when it’s hard, from our limited perspective, to see Him doing so.

Right now, with the global coronavirus panic, you might think you’ll be bothering God if you add to the sea of prayers already flowing His way. But take heart: God has authority over the seas, because He created them! God has power over life and death! So how are a few billion simultaneous prayers going to be too hard for Him?

Bottom line: bandwidth is a limitation only for us puny humans, not God! 

In His Word, God continually reminds us to chat Him up. To tell Him about the hurts, and to thank Him for the greats. God knows what we need before we pray, but He wants to hear us acknowledge our dependence on Him. He wants to hear that we trust Him to act. That He is our Way Maker.

And when it seems like your prayers go unanswered, rest assured that God has NOT lost His power over all. Only God can see the big picture, all the moving parts in His plan for us.

If you’re struggling with doubt because of unanswered prayers, you have to get to the point of willingly surrendering to this truth: We don’t have the right to tell God what to do. But we can rest in His love for us. Even when we have pain and suffering.

“True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that. It is a spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.”
~ Charles Spurgeon

Life is so hard and hurtful at times. What do we do with that? Let’s start by accepting God’s open invitation to crawl into His lap — with our tears and clenched fists and aching hearts — so He can wrap us in His loving arms and comfort us.

Yes, it’s difficult, at times, to feel ourselves capable of fully loving and trusting God when life doesn’t go how we want. But judging God from our thin sliver of perspective allows Satan a victory we should never hand him. As one Christian song lyric asks, “Why am I running from the one I need the most?” We run from God when we want to feel that we’re in control. 

Relinquishing control is especially hard for us in the U.S., right? We’ve been raised to be self-sufficient. To go it alone. To look out for numero uno. To “have it all together,” or to at least pretend that we do. To hide our weaknesses and fears.

But we must acknowledge our need for God, if we are to experience the intimate relationship He yearns to have with us. Doesn’t every loving parent long for an authentic connection with his or her child? It’s the same with God!

So pray. Let God in. Whether you pray as you sit at your desk or behind the wheel of your car, on your knees, or prone on your living room floor … whether you’re feeling hopeful or as destructive as Attila the Hun … whether you use full sentences, or are so broken that all you can utter are moans … know that God hears your heart and He cares. And He is working to bring good out of every circumstance. 

In the words of Buzz Lightyear, the Great I Am loves YOU to infinity and beyond. God wants to walk through even the lowest of lows with you, if you’ll let Him. Have hope!

Sometimes God lets you be in a situation that only He can fix so that you can see that He is the One who fixes it. Rest. He’s got it.
~ Tony Evans

Three TRUTHS About Prayer:

  • Prayer is for OUR benefit, not God’s. God is already working for our good.

  • The Bible tells us how to pray: authentically, with humility and thankfulness.

  • Every prayer gets answered, though not always in the way we think best. But if we choose to take the Bible as truth, believing that God works for our good, we can humbly say, “Okay, Lord. This doesn’t feel good. But I trust you to bring beauty from the ashes. I love you.”

Next Steps:

  • Do you want to have a relationship with Jesus? Start here.
  • We’d love to pray for you! Please send us a prayer request via this form.
  • Print out these Bible verses about prayer! Read them. Believe them. Memorize some!
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  • We invite you to read Josh’s book, More Than a Carpenter. This short apologetics classic examines evidence about Jesus.

Sheri writes and edits for Josh McDowell Ministry.

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  1. Dan Muenchau

    Your words: “… whether you use full sentences, or are so broken that all you can utter are moans … know that God hears your heart and He cares.“ moved me deeply. This is the truth of God’s love. Thank you for this.


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