What is Evil Exactly?

Evil, then, is the corruption of that which is good.

Evil is the corruption of that which is good.

Humanity first experienced evil when Adam and Eve chose to exercise their freewill and eat of the forbidden fruit. Evil is the corruption of free will, which God gave us in order that we might have the choice to believe he is the arbiter of right and wrong, and knows what’s best for us. When Adam and Eve decided he did not know what was best for them — which was corruption of a particularly good thing — evil was born. Evil, then, is the corruption of that which is good.
This means that evil is a parasite upon good. Evil depends upon the existence of good in a way that good does not depend upon evil. Just as the concept of “bentness” requires “straightness,” the existence of evil requires that good be previously in existence. Evil became a reality for us when there was 1) a rejection of what God said was truth and worthy of obedience, and 2) an act in opposition to God’s command. God wants us to trust and obey him. He purposely designed us to live fulfilled and meaningful lives by worshipping him and living in right relationship with him. When we chose to not trust in God and follow his ways, evil becomes a reality.Tweet
Question: We live in a fallen world. Do you daily feel the struggle to choose God’s way over your way?
Question: What are some ways you have found that help you to surrender to God and trust him fully?

Content adapted from 77 FAQs about God and the Bible.

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