A Generation of Believers

Colorful Russian nesting dolls matreshka at the market. Matrioshka Nesting dolls are the most popular souvenirs from Russia.Russia, 2013.

We just had the honor of hosting Sergei and Sveta Shashin, director of Russian Jesus Film, a ministry of Campus Crusade.  They are a result of the seeds/books that were planted throughout Russia in the early 90s.  At different times and places, both Sergei and Sveta received a copy of Josh’s More Than a Carpenter book.  The book changed their lives, led them to the local church and eventually led them to be the one of the directors of Russian Jesus Film ministry.

Sergei shared, “All of the current leaders of the church in Russia were raised in their faith by Josh McDowell books.  In the day, these books were the ONLY Christian books available in Russian language.

“Through More Than A Carpenter, we began a personal relationship with Jesus and discovered the local church.  Deceivers book helped us decipher all of the cults that were also popping up in Russia.  Secret of Loving and Why Wait? helped us learn the importance of sexual purity and marriage.  How to Be a Hero to Your Kids enabled us to become better parents.”

An entire generation of Russian Christians have been influenced by Josh, and now these people, like Sergei and Sveta, are sharing the Gospel with the next generation.

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