Jesus Resurrected, Giving Life Purpose

We started this More Than a Carpenter series two weeks ago, when we shared how Josh earnestly began to search for meaning and purpose when he got to college. His journey to finding answers took a surprising turn when a group of campus Christians challenged Josh to prove his claim that Christianity was pure fantasy.

Josh did recognize that the students had a consistent peace and joy that he lacked, but he wasn’t buying that their “relationship” with Jesus had supplied it. The fastest way to disprove the claims of Jesus, he reasoned, was to discredit the Bible as being historically reliable. Once he showed that it couldn’t hold up to intense scrutiny, the students would have to see that Christianity is a sham!

“Christians could show me that their own book said Christ was born of a virgin, that He performed miracles, and that He rose from the dead,” asserted Josh, “but what good was that?” No skeptic would settle for that!

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Finding Answers, Finding Purpose

Josh had no idea that his research would take months — even requiring him to drop out of college for a time to study in historically rich libraries across Europe. But the day came that Josh had to concede a truth he struggled to accept: the abundant evidence he had meticulously poured over pointed to the Bible’s Old and New Testament documents being among the most reliable writings in antiquity

“And if they were reliable,” notes Josh, “what about this man Jesus, whom I had dismissed as a mere carpenter in an out-of-the-way town in a tiny oppressed country, a man who had gotten caught up in his own visions of grandeur? I had to admit that Jesus Christ was more than a carpenter. He was all He claimed to be.”

Years later another college student would ask Josh why he couldn’t find a way to disprove Christianity. After all, numerous skeptics and atheists had seemingly done so, no problem. Josh’s response: “For the simple reason that I was unable to explain away the fact that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a real event in history.”

And because Jesus resurrected (a supernatural event evidenced by hundreds of witnesses, which the Jewish leaders who had gotten Jesus crucified were unable to refute), shouldn’t we trust what He said — and demonstrated — about God’s great love for us? Knowing God gives our life meaning and purpose!

“Christianity,” says Josh, “isn’t a myth, not a fantasy of wishful dreamers, not a hoax played on the simpleminded. It is rock-solid truth. I guarantee that when you come to terms with that truth, you will be on the threshold of finding the answers to these three basic questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my destiny?”

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