Jesus Christ Offers Meaning?

Last week, when we started this new More Than a Carpenter series,  we shared with you that when Josh got to college, he began to earnestly search for happiness and meaning. But he grew increasingly frustrated by the answers offered up by both his church and his college professors. Not even partying or taking on prestigious student leadership roles quenched Josh’s “thirst” for meaning or happiness. 

Like many of us, Josh pretended to have it all together. He acted like life was great. But in reality he was miserable and exhausted from faking it. So when Josh noticed a group of students who seemed to be genuinely, consistently happy, he asked them what made them different.

Whatever it was, he wanted it! That is until the prettiest girl in the group confidently answered, “Jesus Christ.” “Jesus Christ?” Josh hadn’t expected to hear those two words included in an intelligent discussion on campus. “Don’t give me that garbage,” he snapped. “I’m fed up with religion. I’m fed up with the church. I’m fed up with the Bible.”

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Jesus Christ = Meaning?

“I didn’t say religion,” the girl shot back. “I said Jesus Christ!” Josh apologized for his rudeness, but admitted that he wanted nothing to do with religious people. Faith was for dimwits, not smart people who demanded evidence!

The students didn’t get offended. But they did challenge Josh to make a rigorous, intellectual examination of the claims of Jesus: to determine, for himself, who Jesus is — and what His resurrection accomplished. If Josh was going to assert that only dummies could follow Jesus, why not prove it?

At first Josh thought they were kidding. But then he realized that they were handing him the opportunity to debunk Christianity — and knock the props right out from under them. A pre-law student, Josh knew how to conduct thorough research. He actually got excited about their challenge. But where to start? Josh decided to collect evidence that disproved the historical reliability of the Bible. Poke enough holes in “God’s Word” — and their faith would fall apart! Piece of cake…right? Join us for next week’s post to find out!

Questions to Ponder

1. Do you think Christianity is a religion for “dimwits”? If so, why?

2. Have you read the Bible? Or researched why many scholars believe it to be historically reliable?

3. Do you find it easier to believe what atheists or scientists say over what Christians say? If so, why?

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