From our staff:

Once, Josh and I were in Vancouver, B.C. for a  conference. Almost 2,500 Canadians came from all over the area (some drove 24 hours) to attend this conference titled “Hidden in Plain Sight.” Josh spoke at the opening and closing sessions, presented at a workshop, and spoke at a local church on Sunday. He also shared his life story at a lunch for 450 businessmen and women.

At the business lunch he shared how he had held onto the bitterness, hurt, and anger about being sexually abused for years. Keeping that inside him had influenced how he treated people and responded to situations.

He told the audience, “Thirty-five percent of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you have been sexually abused in your past.” He shared how he was freed from that anger and bitterness after coming to Christ when he was able to forgive the man who had abused him.

Afterwards, the man who hosted the luncheon and ministers to many of the people in attendance asked Josh, “Is that really true? Thirty-four percent have been sexually abused? That’s hard to believe.” Josh replied, “Just stand next to me for the next few minutes.”

In 15 minutes six people got close to Josh and confided, “I know exactly what you’re talking about. It happened to me.” One sharp-dressed businessman shared, “I was abused as a child. You are the first person I have ever told.”

Our host was dumbstruck. He told Josh several times, “I never would have believed this. I never would have known these people have been wounded by this for years.”

This eye-opening experience will enable him to minister more deeply to the people he works with and provide them with hope found in Christ.

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