Romans 8: Chapter of Assurance

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What Scripture is giving you assurance right now? For me, I keep returning to the New Testament book of Romans, specifically Chapter 8.

These 39 Bible verses are packed with God’s promises of care and provision. Let’s look at some of them!


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Peace of Mind

The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. ~ verse 6

As John Piper, a gifted Christian author and speaker notes, “If we don’t have the hope that Christ is for us then we will be engaged in self-preservation and self-enhancement. But if we let ourselves be taken care of by God for the future — whether five minutes or five centuries from now — then we can be free to love others.”

A worried mind is a self-absorbed mind. And a self-absorbed mind doesn’t have the bandwidth to be mindful of the needs of others. But God says that when we center our mind on Him, we can have peace. Peace that He has us, despite our circumstances. Blessed assurance!

In this stressful time, the world needs all the love we can wrap around it. We have people in our lives who need us to share our hope and peace, to help them find their own. Thanks to the internet, we can even be a force of good in the lives of strangers, perhaps clear around the globe.

Christ is Working ALL Things Out

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him ~ verse 28

There is nothing worse than experiencing long-term limbo. We humans aren’t particularly good at waiting; I think because God hardwired us to be doers. So when we can’t “do,” we lose perspective and meaning. And when meaning exits, so does purpose. Like, what’s the point of even making the bed, brushing our teeth, or showering? What’s the point of getting off the couch to turn off the boob tube?

Here’s why: Because God is working for our good — so we should be working for it, too.

We can choose, because we have a mind governed by the Spirit, to not sink into a dark funk. We’re not stuck here forever. We’re just momentarily stalled on the track of life (yet once again), as we wait for our next train to show up. But what assurance we can have in knowing that Jesus is the conductor.

For sure, COVID-19 containment and isolation stinks. But when we put it into perspective — by comparing our discomfort to the truly evil and bad events in history — we can see that we don’t have it all that bad. We’re not suffering under a dictator. We have not been forced from our homes. We’ve not been caged behind barbed wire. We have access to well-stocked grocery stores and other resources to fill our basic needs. We are free to take walks and run errands. We have Zoom!

Friends, we are not victims. We’re simply inhabitants of a world where bad (and good!) things happen. COVID-19 has given so many people the opportunity to do so much good. Gain hope from seeing that generosity, love, and self-sacrifice! And remember that these actions give us just a glimpse of the goodness and love that are God’s character.

God Works for Our Good, Because He Loves Us

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  ~ verses 38 & 39

For some, it’s a real struggle to believe in a loving God. Perhaps because Christians have let them down, or they were raised by unloving parents, or been taught bad theology that promotes the idea that God primarily focuses on their failings and flaws. They’re unable to do life with the assurance of the above verses.

Do you overeat? He loves you. Addicted to porn? He loves you. Cheat on your taxes? Yell at your kids? Steal supplies from the office? He loves you. Sure, He wants to help you to not do those things — but not by shaming you with condemnation. That’s the devil’s job. Jesus came to give us the assurance of God’s endless grace!

You’ve heard the phrase “No pain, no gain,” right? And you probably hate it, because none of us likes discomfort. But we have to recognize that it’s in our discomfort that we grow. But when we acknowledge God’s goodness in the midst of our pain, we can walk with Him in trustful, hopeful expectation. We can believe that the Creator of all sees and cares about all of our big and little problems.

God will not always give us what we want, but He promises to give us what we need to accomplish His purposes in us and through us. The hard part of this is being okay with how and when and where He chooses to move in our life.

An amazing truth: every person that I know who has turned to God in their darkest moment has come out of it grateful for the deeper relationship forged with Him. The exit their dark valley with the conviction that He is, indeed, with them and for them. They gain strength from the proven assurance of His deep love. They find conviction and purpose and joy in living for Him.

Are you likewise convinced that nothing can separate you from God’s love? If not, be bold: tell Him you want that assurance! God loves that prayer. God delights in showcasing His majesty, for our ultimate good and His glory. Even as He uses hard moments to forge our strength and flex our faith, He wants us to face each day with hope and steady assurance!

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  1. Dan Muenchau

    I love Romans. The day you published this blog post I was reading a discussion of Romans by N T Wright. I love your interpretation of Paul’s writings. Also, you convinced me to finally buy “More Than a Carpenter”. A book I look forward to read.


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