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‘Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell’ receives two Crown Awards at the International Christian Visual Media Conference

FLOWER MOUND, TX – July 20, 2012 – Josh McDowell Ministry was honored by the International Christian Visual Media Conference this past week in Orlando, FL with two of its celebrated Crown Awards. “Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell” won in two categories, one of which was for “Best Evangelistic Film.”

The Crown Awards which recognize excellence in production and content of films and videos that reflect Christian values in a secular world represent an international endorsement of this project and the message it sends to a hurting world.

Josh McDowell had this to say about the award; “We’re honored and humbled with this recognition by the International Christian Visual Media Conference.  It is reflective of what we see God doing with this film around the world in the lives of the hurting and lost.  While people everywhere struggle with similar scars, it is our Heavenly Father who can take the broken pieces and create something beautiful, filled with hope and purpose.”

The film, which is a docudrama, focuses on the early years of Josh McDowell’s life growing up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and a sexually abusive caregiver. McDowell’s tragic childhood is the foundation that sets him on a path that would turn him from agnostic to evangelist as he searches for truth as a college student.

“We are so excited about this project for several reasons,” says Bobby Downes, President of EchoLight studios.  “Not only has Josh McDowell produced a film of the highest quality, this film represents a ministry tool that will heal the hurting and lead the unsaved to Christ for the next century and beyond, so the recognition by ICVM is just further evidence that God is going to do amazing things with this project.”

Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell is slated for release in October of 2012 and is being distributed by EchoLight Studios.

About Josh McDowell Ministry

For over 50 years, the Josh McDowell Ministry, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, International, has focused on serving and equipping churches, pastors, families and people everywhere in raising generations of purpose-driven Christians who know what they believe, why it is true, and how to live out their Christian faith.

About EchoLight

EchoLight Studios is a world-class, 21st century studio producing and distributing high-quality faith and family-friendly entertainment.

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